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We as a team are passionate towards our work. Our experience identified that colleagues were often unable to benefit from the great potential of SAP – so we have developed new features, accumulating knowledge internally and transferring to our business proposal. In the last ten years we have faced problems and challenges in different spheres, pushing ourselves beyond our boundaries. Give us a problem: it will probably not be a novelty to us.

Let’s take a look who we are:

Nicola Di Paola

Business Unit Manager

My name is Nicola Di Paola. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering and I obtained an SAP certification for the PP (Production Planning) module.

My SAP career started as a consultant, later as a project manager, joining Trocellen in 2002 as SAP manager. In 2007, I was appointed as corporate IT manager, a position I still occupy.

Together with the internal SAP Team, during these years we have completed numerous local and international projects.

In 2016 we lay the foundation for a bet. To use the experience gained and the solutions developed in Trocellen to provide value also to other companies, our customers.

Probably an unusual but very innovative idea, which from proposal was transformed into a project. This is how Trocellen Business Solutions was born, a reality still young but able to offer support to customers with very different types of business, appreciated for the high quality of the proposed solutions.

Since 2017, I have been part of the GUPS board (SAP user and prospect group) and a member of SUGEN (SAP user group executive network); there are SAP coordinators, IT managers and users of different companies, with the common purpose of sharing knowledge and becoming spokesmen for common requests to SAP.

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Trocellen is the winner of SMAU Innovation Award 2016

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