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Have fun with SAP!

Could you believe it’s possible?

We can teach you how to be effective with. We focus only for your critical points.



We are a team of fanatic guys who experienced that some of our colleagues could not get the best from the big SAP potential. This is why we developed new features for our internal use; and now we are ready to let it go to the market. We grown up as the IT team of Trocellen Group. In the last more than ten years we used to work with different type of nationalities, problems and challenges. Believe me, we already dealt with your problem too, and we have a solution for.


If you faced with any of the below challenges, call us:

I am a boss and it’s simply too complicate to get info from SAP. I am sure that there is a simplier way to use it.

I need to do the same posting for a lot of times a day. Why easch time I’ve to repeat the same data?

I am a manager and I don’t understand the report structure. Rows are missing and they cannot add.

I know what is our value, but SAP reports is differently.

If we look at the system we see a stock situation but if we walk in the warehouse the numbers are dramatically different. Why?

I am using SAP on a daily basis, but I hate a few settings what I cannot change. I would like to simplify my daily routine.

My IT manager said what I’m asking is not possible, but I’m sure that there is a solution for.

I already looked for SAP consultancy but they did not understand me. They simply could not thing with me together.